Friday, January 20, 2017

String Theory

Imagine, for a moment, an infinite piece of string. This string represents everything that was, is, or ever will be in any dimension, anywhere, anytime. The infinite string is all that exists or can exist. It's the all. It has no beginning, and it has no end.

Now, tie a little knot in the string. We'll call that knot a "human." Even though the knot itself is tiny, it's composed of, and is inextricably connected to, the entirety of that infinite string. It is that infinite string.

Now, tie another knot in that string. We'll call that knot another "human." You can't say that the first knot is "separate" from the second knot because they're both the infinite string, and each knot is a part of that infinite string and, therefore, each other. They're one.

Every "part" of the string makes up every other "part" of the string because it's really just one piece of string, and there are no "parts."

The string allows you to tie yourself into a human. Someday, you'll untie yourself. But you'll still exist as the infinite string, and you'll tie yourself into other "shapes." What will never happen, however, is that you'll never separate yourself from the string. Neither will anything else.

Infinite unity is the only thing that has ever existed. You are it now. So is everything else.

Everything that you see, and everything that you don't see, is part of what you are. Praise it, no matter how ugly it may appear to you. It's made of the pristine, brilliant, pure, beautiful string, and it's made of you.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Approbation Is Not The Goal

Clap, clap, clap. Bravo! Bravo! I love you. I'm so proud of you!

That's approbation.

Approbation is praise. It's not the goal. We believe it is, but it isn't.

We're programmed from day one to believe that approbation is the goal. We're taught to believe that our security depends on it. If you believe that approbation is the goal, and that you need it to be a secure, whole, person, your behavior will fall into one of two categories. You'll either;

1. Seek to please others to get that approbation, or
2. Defend against, protest against, or attack others who are expressing disapprobation.

As long as you believe that approbation is the goal, you're stuck in this paradigm. There's an easy out. Stop defining approbation as the goal. Then:

1. You don't need to please others, and
2. You don't need to defend against, protest against, or attack those who don't like you or what you're doing.

It takes you out of the trap.

"If approbation isn't the goal, then what's the goal?" you may ask.

The goal is to explore, using your interests and fascinations as the guide. Lots of people won't approve of those things that are natural to your being. Many social guidelines won't approve of those things that are natural to your being. So what. This isn't a problem unless approbation is the goal, and approbation isn't the goal.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Great Awakening

Welcome to the great awakening. We've now entered a new part of the Shift.

In case you're new to the term, the Shift is a global change in the way that we perceive reality. This Shift is happening in stages. It began at the end of the 1800s, near the turn of that century. Many individuals have been laying groundwork since that time. They've been introducing new ideas, assimilating them, incorporating them, expressing them, and then availing themselves of even more expanded ideas, and the process has continued. That groundwork was complete at the last quarter of 2016. Enough people were embodying expanded perceptions to move us into a new phase. This year, 2017, marks the beginning of that new era.

This era of awakening is a fundamental shift in the way that we perceive reality. For that reason, it makes the period before this awakening seem like we were asleep. Hence, the analogy. When you're asleep, you don't remember certain things. There's a forgetfulness or an ignore-ance that happens. We were forgetting the unified nature of reality, and now we're remembering the unified nature of reality:

  • The Great Sleep (pre-2017): Humanity assumed separation as a basic fundamental of human existence.
  • The Great Awakening (2017 to 2075): Humanity remembers that there's no such thing as separation, that everything, and everyone, is fundamentally, intricately, and profoundly unified.

"Okay" you say. "What's the big deal here? Who cares if we remember that there's no separation?"

Non-separation is a BIG deal. It's a very big deal. It's going to change everything, and I mean every little thing in this world--from the pulsation of electrons, to the spin of planets, to the air that you breathe, to the thoughts that you think. It will change your relationship to yourself, your environment, others, and the universe at large. It will change what you do, what you believe you can do, and the manner in which you approach and do those things. To phrase it one way, it's going to make "limitation" an antiquated word. Here's why.

How can there be limitation if everything is one? If everything is unified, then there's no other--no force, no being, no thing--that can oppose you. In practical terms, there are no obstacles. Therefore, there are no limitations. There's a way to experience anything.

You can only have obstacles, you can only have opposition, if there are separations. In order to have opposition, you need separate things, opposing one another. If you believe in separations, then you create experiences of separation, and you can have things like opposition and obstacles and limits and restrictions. These things are not intrinsic, however, to the mechanics of this dimension. They're choices. That's what the waking up process is all about. It's about remembering the mechanics of the dimension, and shaking ourselves out of the habits that limit us. When you remove the perception of separation, you remove all of the byproducts of separation which include opposition, obstacles, limitations, and restrictions. It opens up a whole new game, and the possibilities go exponential.

This waking up to the lack of separation is a process. As humans, we're not accustomed to viewing this world, and everything in it, as energy. Nevertheless, this world is constructed from patterns of energy. The way we've been running things for thousands of years is on a bandwidth of frequencies that's familiar to us all. That is, we run on assumptions that we don't question. Assumptions are a pool of ideas that we take for granted. We reference them constantly, never thinking about what we're doing, but those ideas are constructed from energy. They're frequencies. They're specific patterns that move in specific ways. What we're doing when we do anything is to hold frequencies and reference frequencies. "The sun rises" is an assumption you make. It's an idea. It's a pattern of energy. It's a frequency. You don't have to think about it. You take is for granted that the sun rises as an element of this reality, but it's an element constructed from energy.

When you make changes to those frequencies that are present by introducing new ideas, you're changing assumptions, and everything has to acclimate. What's more, expanded ideas are more powerful structures. They have more energy. All of the substructures, like human bodies, have to adjust to the presence of more powerful, stronger energy. For this reason, there's a process of assimilation involved. The awakening period is a time frame of massive assimilation. For that reason, it's going to be very, very messy and very, very exciting. I'm writing this so that you can land on exciting side of the equation and leave the messy side alone. To land on the side of excitement, it helps to calibrate your expectations.

Almost every human on Earth believes in separation as a fundamental reality. For example, you may believe that you're separate from the structure that you live in. You point to your body as you and the building you live in as your home. You think that they're separate from one another. So, you assume that you're separate from your home. This perception is so common that no one gives it a second thought. It's an assumption. By the end of this awakening period, the perception of separation will have changed so drastically that this everyday assumption that you're separate from your home will seem absurd. It will seem childish. People will wonder how individuals could have believed something so obviously untrue.

It may be hard to imagine how such a change in perspective will take place when many people don't question their assumptions and don't want to question their assumptions. Here's how it's going to play out. You're either going to embrace new ideas, or you're going to spin out of control in more and more dramatic ways with others who are spinning out of control just like you. If you expose an inflexible material to high vibrations, it will shatter. If you expose a flexible material to those same vibrations, it will move and bend and be fine. Be the more flexible material.

Be open to new ideas as they come to your attention. If you're a hardcore rationalist, read my book "Equal" to begin the acclimation process or subscribe to a science publication that deals with the new landscape of physics or avail yourself of resources on quantum computing or cymatics or the biology of perception. There are many ways to ease into the idea of fundamental unity. You don't have to be into metaphysics. You do have to let go of the way that you define "facts," however. That word is going to take on a whole new meaning.

Around mid-century, we're going to hit critical mass, and things will get much easier. Until that time, it's going to be work, but groundbreaking and exciting work. This is one of the most fascinating periods in human history. It's going to be interesting. It's going to be distressing, as well. Reality will become, is becoming, more malleable. The adjustments that we will be making are monumental. Roll up your sleeves, and get to work. Remember that you're not separate from anything.